One Stop Solution
to your every doubt
  1. For Students
    A solution for your every doubt
  2. For Teachers
    A brilliant platform for teachers to teach and solve doubts through technology enabled chats
  3. For Parents
    Track your childs academics through our analytics
  1. Solve your doubt any time
    Drop your doubt at any time and get it solved by the teachers and you can even post it on the wall and get instant answers
  2. Video Doodle
    A very innovative attachment through which students and teachers can draw a doodle in-order to describe their question/answer through diagram.
  3. Queue for fair amount of time for each student
    The algorithm of the app is set to give every user a fair chance at the queue
  4. Experienced faculty
    The faculty has years of experience and have been instrumental in helping students crack national level entrance examinations like JEE and NEET
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Simple interface for easy use 
The app's UI is completely user friendly in order to minimize the time to serve the purpose